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About FAQs

What is Adelaide Fringe?
Adelaide Fringe is an open-access, four week arts festival held in late February and early March each year. Unlike a curated festival, the open-access nature of Adelaide Fringe means that anyone with artistic vision and drive is able to participate and present their work – which means there’s always something to suit everyone, of all ages and tastes.

When is Adelaide Fringe?
Future dates:
2016 12 Feb – 13 March
2017 10 Feb – 12 March
2018 16 Feb – 18 March
2019 15 Feb – 17 March

Where is Adelaide Fringe?
Adelaide Fringe takes place in over 300 venues in Adelaide’s CBD and suburbs, as well as extending to the regional centre of Port Augusta for Desert Fringe. Venues are not run or operated by Adelaide Fringe. The Fringe employs a venue coordinator to assist venues in gaining the most they can out of being part of the Adelaide Fringe program. Interested in registering a venue for Adelaide Fringe? Click here for more info.

How can I stay in the loop?
Adelaide Fringe endeavours to make it as easy as possible for you to stay in the loop.

Subscribe to the Fringe e-news for the full wrap up of what’s happening all year round.
Like us for event news and exclusive competitions
Follow us for the latest news and insights
Subscribe to the Fringe Youtube channel to see snippets of Fringe events
Follow our boards to find interesting ways to explore the program, behind the scenes pics and things that inspire us.

Use the #ADLfringe hashtag to tag your tweets, instagrams and pins.
Follow the hashtag to see what others are saying.

Program of Events

How do I know which shows are good, can’t you recommend some?
Adelaide Fringe is an umbrella organisation that markets the Fringe as a whole and in order to uphold the open access nature of the festival we must represent all artists and venues on neutral grounds. However we understand that navigating over 900 shows can be daunting so we recommend you check out the ‘How to Fringe‘ page for some tips and tricks on where to find reviews and recommendations on what to see.

How can I check the age suitability of a show so that I can take my children?
Given that Adelaide Fringe is an open access festival, we can’t guarantee the content and age suitability of shows. Some artists self-rate their shows however ultimately it is up to the discretion of the adult if shows are suitable or not.

Working at Adelaide Fringe

How do I volunteer with Adelaide Fringe?
Adelaide Fringe simply couldn’t operate without the generous support of its wonderful team of volunteers! For further information on volunteering, click here.

How do I work at Adelaide Fringe?
Adelaide Fringe employs a small team of staff who work year round in administration, marketing, corporate partnerships, programming, production and artist services. As we gear up for Adelaide Fringe each year our team grows and a number of employment opportunities become available, details of which can be found here.

Do you take work experience students?
Adelaide Fringe receives a significant number of requests from students to undertake work experience. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate these requests but we do encourage students to get involved in our volunteer program. Click here to find out more about volunteering.

I’m a student doing some research on Adelaide Fringe – where can I find more information?
Adelaide Fringe receives numerous enquiries from students, which unfortunately we are unable to answer individually. Please use this website and for reference.


How do I apply to have a stall at next year’s Fringe?
Adelaide Fringe is an open access arts festival and as such we don’t run our own venues and therefore don’t coordinate any stalls for catering or goods for sale.

Venues make their own arrangements for stalls and catering and we therefore recommend contacting them direct.

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