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2014 Adelaide Fringe Program Announced:

Media, News & Blog 2014 Adelaide Fringe Program Announced

Katie Noonan and Fringe artists from Spandexx Ballet

The full program of the 2014 Adelaide Fringe was launched amongst an array of colourful fete stalls featuring fabulous Fringe artists. New Fringe Ambassador Katie Noonan kicked off the ‘Fringe Fete’ with a beautiful song from the balcony of the Fringe’s Headquarters in Norwood.

“In the 2014 program you will discover world-class music, theatre, circus acts and hundreds of shows, all of which offer something different,” Noonan said.

Fringe Director Greg Clarke highlighted the enormous number of award-winning artists featured in next year’s program as well as the new Vic. Square Hub and the giant Disco Cuttlefish.

“Every Saturday night throughout the Fringe ‘Stobie’, a 13m long cuttlefish whose skin features a fantastic strobing lighting effect, will flash dance his way through the East End to a disco soundtrack,” Mr Clarke said. “Everyone will be able to join in the fun by going online in January to to learn a specially choreographed cuttlefish dance and then be able to ‘strut’ their stuff whenever he appears.”

The newly developed Victoria Square/ Tarntanyannga will become the centre of a new Hub and will feature The Royal Croquet Club, The Spirit Festival, a Kaurna Ceremony and the Fringe Street Theatre Festival. There will be a further 23 Fringe venues in the streets running off the Square including Tuxedo Cat, Arts Theatre, Royalty Theatre, Adelaide Town Hall, La Boheme and The Promethean.

The 2014 Fringe program features a record 966 events – 107 cabaret shows, 25 circus and physical theatre shows, 112 theatre productions, 269 comedy events, 32 dance shows, 4 film events, 198 music concerts, 113 art exhibitions, 41 children’s events and 64 special events.

Adelaide Fringe Chair Judy Potter said “this year’s inaugural four-week Fringe was a massive success and we are delighted to be able welcome everyone back in 2014 to enjoy another rich and diverse four week program of must-see events and unforgettable art happenings.”

Next year there will also be 173 venues hosting 342 Fringe events outside the CBD. Premier of South Australia the Hon. Jay Weatherill said “it is exciting to see the Fringe spread its wings out into the suburbs and into the regions. Special events will be held in Port Adelaide, Unley, Salisbury, Goolwa, Port Augusta and the Barossa Valley.”

Jane Kittel, principal partner BankSA’s Managing Director said “our much loved website and Support Act program are back this year, so check out what’s trending and snap up a $10 ticket to one of the many acts we subsidise.”

Mr Clarke also encouraged audiences to go and see something totally new and different and recommended that the $10 BankSA Support Act tickets were an inexpensive way to do exactly that.
Adelaide Fringe runs for four weeks from Friday, February 14, until Sunday, March 16.

The full Fringe program to browse online here is now available at

Tickets and gift vouchers can be purchased at, FringeTIX box offices and outlets or by phoning 1300 621 255.
The printed Fringe Guide will be available from Saturday, January 4, 2014.

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