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5 Minutes With Fringe Poster Designer – Sharon Moreno:

Media, News & Blog 5 Minutes With Fringe Poster Designer – Sharon Moreno

IMG_7229The 2014 Adelaide Fringe poster was officially launched to the world on November 1st, featuring a two-colour collision of spots. We sat down with South Australian (now Melbourne based) artist Sharon Moreno to chat about her winning design.

What was your inspiration behind the poster design?

I found this year’s theme extremely challenging and with it also being limited to 2 colours, I spent a lot of time coming up with a concept. I always had repetition in mind but I wasn’t sure how to translate the theme without being too obvious. I started with arrows facing each other, and then a chevron like pattern but it wasn’t quite answering the brief of these two worlds colliding. Then I came across an image of what looked like snowflakes which were layered over each other in a way that was making a third snowflake. I loved this idea of putting two images together to form something new. I was inspired.

How did you go about designing the poster?

I started playing with spheres to represent worlds or faces. I looked at layering groups of dots over each other and found little flower like patterns. I really liked when the two colours came together to make a new colour. Looking at the design now the pattern of dots looks quite random however they’re made up of rows of symmetrical dots all evenly spaced. I really liked how the dots clash, merge and move.

How did you react to the news that you had won the Fringe poster design competition and what does this award mean for you personally?

Winning this competition is awesome. I absolutely love Adelaide and having my design used to promote an event that I adore in my hometown is a dream come true but so unexpected. Looking back I believed in the concept but thought it was too ambiguous and didn’t really think this pattern of dots would be taken seriously.

Tell us some more about yourself?

I studied Visual Communication at UniSA, worked for a few advertising agencies in Adelaide, then lived in London for a couple of years where I freelanced. I moved to Melbourne on my return to Australia but am always back in Adelaide to catch up with my family and friends.

How has Adelaide Fringe influenced your creative side?

I’m a graphic designer but have moved more and more into production in my career and compensate this by entering competitions, doing invites, posters, T-shirt designs and painting/decorating. I’ve been entering the Fringe poster competition since University and in the past my designs have been really illustrative but I couldn’t approach it like that this time. I couldn’t move away from my pattern and repetition concept. I’m so keen to see what other designers came up with because this was my only idea.

What do you love about the Adelaide Fringe?

I really love the Fringe and am so proud of Adelaide for keeping it going and building on it. (Adelaide) seems to come alive with music, art and entertainment and it’s all packaged so beautifully with the city and parklands as the backdrop. I’ve been to loads of shows at the garden, the opening party and other events that coincide with the fringe like WOMAD and Future Music. However my favourite memories are just heading to The Garden with friends, doing a bit of silent disco and enjoying the weather (which is always perfect!).

How would you like to be remembered in 100 years?

As always the last one dancing.

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