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5 Minutes With Katie Noonan:

Media, News & Blog 5 Minutes With Katie Noonan

KatieRenowned Australian songstress and four time ARIA award winner Katie Noonan is the official Ambassador for the 2014 Adelaide Fringe. We sat down with Katie to chat about Adelaide Fringe and what it means to her.

How many Adelaide Fringes have you done?

I’ve played almost every year since my first fringe in 1999.  My first year we did 3 shows at the East End Exchange hotel with my band George. I remember sleeping on the floor with a host of fantastic carny folk at a house we were all sharing whilst in town!  I thought the Adelaide Fringe was this fantastical and truly wonderful world full of awesome folk.

What do you love about Adelaide Fringe?

There is a beautiful sense of community. There is a wonderful sense of discovery. There is an innate sense of open mind and heart.  There is wonder. You can wander around and discover world class music, street theatre, circus, comedy etc etc and share that experience with like minded folks – heaven!!

Do you have a favourite Fringe moment?

I’ve honestly loved them all- but I guess I strongly remember premiering my song “Special Ones” at the Fringe in 1999 and thinking it felt like a significant moment for me. The song was still untitled and I asked the audience to help me name it!

Other great memories include the Adelaide sax pack joining my band the Captains for a rip snorter of a gig at The Gov a few years back, the Adelaide Ukelele Ensemble joining the Captains and I at the garden in 2010, filming a live clip for my song ‘Never Know Your Luck’ at the Speigeltent and just last year having beers in the garden with Barry Morgan (and his world of organs) AND his mustache and sideburns!

Why do you keep coming back to Adelaide Fringe year after year?

Because its a truly magical experience! A host of truly awesome folk sharing stories, songs, physical feats, dance, ukelele, banjo, dobro, nudity, tap dancing, beat  poetry, juggling, comedy, butoh, theatre….. You name it! Most of all though- the fantastic audiences that make the Fringe what it is.

What do you love about Adelaide and its people?

Open hearts…. Adelaide is rad! Thus I call you Radelaide! I’ve had so many great gigs here- playing to open hearts and minds – people who truly welcome my songs into their lives and for that I am very grateful.

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