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Internode launches Fringe Favourites:

Media, News & Blog Internode launches Fringe Favourites

As a major initiative of its 2013 Adelaide Fringe sponsorship, Internode has launched a free Fringe Favourites facility that lets festival attendees shortlist their must-see, planned or favourite performances. This is available to all Festival fans, not just Internode customers.

From any page on the Adelaide Fringe website, Internode Fringe Favourites provides the online functionality to let Fringe dwellers plan and share their festival itineraries. Just like building a personalised music playlist, attendees can use Internode Fringe Favourites to shortlist shows they want to see, purchase tickets and share their personal plans with friends on Facebook.

Internode founder Simon Hackett said Internode Fringe Favourites would make it easy for people to choose their favourite shows from more than 900 events. “Our Fringe Favourites facility will appear on all pages of the Adelaide Fringe website,” he said.

“Each artist or event page contains an ‘add to favourites’ option which when pressed will show in the Internode Fringe Favourites list in an expanding bar at the bottom of the page. You can even log in using Facebook to select a ‘share’ option that posts events to your Facebook page, so you can show your friends which events you’re going to, including the date and time.”

Adelaide Fringe Director Greg Clarke said “Internode Fringe Favourites is a brilliant concept encouraging greater interaction by the public with the Fringe program. Creating your very own ‘best of list’ and sharing those choices with your friends is going to encourage a lot more people to go and see a lot more Fringe shows.”

Internode has sponsored the Adelaide Fringe for the past decade. Internode will have a high public profile in March as its Fringe sponsorship coincides with its Presenting Partner sponsorship of the 2013 WOMADelaide Festival, which runs alongside the Fringe.

As part of its Adelaide Fringe sponsorship, Internode will also provide free Internet access via WiFi hotspots around the Fringe Club, Rundle Mall and other Fringe locations. Internode’s sponsorship will see it participating daily as a Program Partner of ‘Fringe in the Mall’ – a showcase stage for Fringe artists in Rundle Mall – with its brand displayed prominently in the Fringe Guide, website and iPhone app.

About Internode
Internode, a subsidiary of iiNet Limited, is a national broadband provider with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Already a leading supplier of National Broadband Network (NBN) services, Internode delivers great value, technically advanced and reliable ADSL2+ services across Australia. Internode offers a wide range of value-added broadband services including more than 400 Internode WiFi hotspots throughout the country, NodeMobile Data 3G wireless broadband, Internode Business Connect Private IP networks, NodePhone VoIP telephony and a pioneering IPTV service through its partnership with FetchTV. Follow Internode online at

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Click on the orange heart below a Fringe show to save your favourite shows to your Internode Fringe Favourites list! Sign in to Facebook to share your favourite Fringe shows with your friends and keep track of everything you want to see this Adelaide Fringe!