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Weekly Awards – WEEK FOUR:

Media, News & Blog Weekly Awards – WEEK FOUR

Just announced – the fourth and final round of winners in the inaugural Adelaide Fringe Weekly Awards program! Presented by Steve Gove of Prague Fringe in the Fringe Club last night, these shows all represent excellence in their respective Adelaide Fringe program categories. Follow the links below to browse the award winning shows and purchase tickets. All previous Weekly Award winning shows for 2013 can be found HERE.

Week 4 winners:

Geraldine Quinn – You’re the Voice: Songs for the Ordinary by an Anthemaniac (La Boheme)
La Soiree (The Garden of Unearthly Delights)

Paul Foot – Kenny Larch Is Dead (Cinema Nova)
This Is Siberian Husky in The Misery Factory (The Tuxedo Cat)
Wolf Creek: The Musical (Format)

A Simple Space (The Birdcage)

Angry Young Man (Holden Street Theatres)
Sketch The Rhyme (Gluttony)
What Seems Like a Lifetime Ago (Bakehouse Theatre) – [this event has finished it's season]

Congratulations to all those shows earning a Weekly Award for Adelaide Fringe 2013!


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