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Adelaide Fringe Venues List

Choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your Adelaide Fringe event. There are plenty of things you will need to consider, from the venue’s location and facilities, to hire fees and technical equipment. You will need to think about the venues existing audience or patrons as well as what type of other support they may be offering. Any venue can become an Adelaide Fringe Venue – think creatively and be proactive.

If you have specific requirements, you can request venue assistance from the Artist & Venues team. In order to receive personalised assistance please have a think about your desired capacity, location, production requirements and general ‘feel’ of the ideal venue. +61 8 8100 2022 |

Common Hire Fee Structures

Straight hire Venues charge a fixed flat rental and the artist keeps 100% of the box office or exhibition sales. This is the most straightforward arrangement.

Box office split The artist and venue split the box office takings. The percentage split will vary depending on the individual agreement. A common share is 70 – 80% (artist) 20 – 30% (venue).

Straight hire/Box office split Venues charge a cheaper rental fee plus a share of the box office (e.g. Flat fee plus 10% of box office).

No Venue Hire The venue is offered at no charge. However, there may be charges for staff, technical equipment etc. This is a popular option with events that bring in other revenue for the venue such as food and beverage sales.

Get it in writing!

Make sure that everything you have negotiated with your venue is included in this document. Ensure you understand your financial commitments – if you are unclear about anything get in touch with us. Cover the basics

  • Artist and venue contact details
  • Performance / exhibition times
  • Venue requirements – capacity, stage size, technical equipment
  • Staffing (technical, front of house, box office, gallery attendants)
  • Venue charges
  • Payment schedule
  • Marketing and publicity
  • Cancellation conditions and costs

The Arts Law Centre has sample contracts or you can download a basic template here.

Communication In order to cover all your bases, it is recommended that you notate all discussions with your venue. Keep your venue hire agreement and other relevant information along with this correspondence in one place. It is very important to keep in regular communication with the venue owner or manager. When in discussion regarding the use of the venue, try to see things from their point of view. They will have very different concerns regarding your event but at the end of the day you both want the same thing — a stress-free and successful Fringe.

Venue Access You will need to confirm with the venue the times which you can use to set up your event or exhibition, conduct rehearsals, and also have access prior to and after each performance. Make sure you have a look at the venue’s licensed hours as these may alter your access times. Also, make sure you understand the ramifications of cancelling your event (e.g. cost, changes to printed media, etc) and make sure this is noted within your contract.

In-House Equipment When you visit prospective venues, you will need to clarify what infrastructure within the venue is available for your usage, and what you may need to supply yourself. Discuss what costs are associated with the use of the venue’s equipment. Some venues may charge you for use of their power, so make sure you negotiate an acceptable rate before plugging in and regretting it later!

Staffing There are various types of staff that you will need to consider to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Some examples are:

  • Technical staff – lighting and sound
  • Front of House
  • Door Staff
  • Gallery attendants

Make sure you develop a detailed plan with your venue of what staff will be required and if there will be any associated costs.

Marketing & Programming What other events are being hosted at the venue? Is there an opportunity for collaborative marketing with the other events? Some venues will undertake a Fringe marketing plan that will promote all events at the venue or within a region. In some cases this will come as an added expense to the artist.

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