Fringe Unicorn Weekly Awards

Is there a unicorn in your midst? Have you seen magic happen before your very eyes? Have you been a witness to a Fringe miracle?

In keeping with this year’s ‘magical, mythical’ unicorn theme, we’re including a new informal award as part of the Fringe Weekly Awards – the Fringe Unicorn Award!

This award will honour any Fringe participant* – artists, volunteers, show crew, venue staff or audience members – who has helped someone else have a magical time during Fringe.

Whether that’s going truly above and beyond their role to help avoid a last minute costume malfunction, to turning around a potentially devastating heckling incident, or otherwise creating a unique and unforgettable experience for another, we want to hear about your Fringe magic moments!

Anyone is free to nominate another for the Fringe Unicorn award, which will be awarded weekly at the Fringe Club Weekly Award announcements on a rolling basis throughout the festival.

*Fringe staff members are ineligible for the Unicorn Award



Please send the below information to to submit a nomination

Your name:

Your Fringe involvement:

Your contact details: (email/ph)

Who are you nominating for the 2017 Fringe Unicorn Awards?

How did they create a magical experience this Fringe (for you or someone else that you witnessed):

Their contact details: (email/ph)



How many horns? This is a guide to help you rate your Fringe Unicorn nominee

Criteria: Level of effort, grace and imagination of delivery, delightfulness of outcome, potential to inspire others, that extra sprinkle of fairy dust that truly makes it ‘magic’

1 horn – Not really very magic, more like a fumbled rabbit out of a hat. But at least they tried.

 2 horns – A sprinkling of glitter on an otherwise gloomy day.

 3 horns – A pretty solid show of magic.

 4 horns – Almost a miracle.

 5 horns – Splendidly, magnificently magic, like Jesus riding a unicorn along a double rainbow and saving the world from climate change while playing a flawless cover of Jeff Buckley’s ‘Grace’.



Judging process: nominations emailed to, selected each week by panel of Awards Program Coordinator, Fringe Club Program Coordinator & Fringe Club Manager, under direction of/approval by Fringe CEO. Judges will recluse themselves from considering nominations for someone they have a personal or familial relationship with.



A bottle of bubbles, and the glittery splendour of being this week’s Fringe Unicorn!