Anomally: Nicholas Tweedy's return to the Fringe (Cancelled)

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Nicholas Tweedy is BACK!!! A Fringe favorite returns for 3 shows afer 4 years. Moments of genuine wonder, laughter and excitement a guarantee.

Tweedy has all kinds of new wonders to share, as well as the levitations and body language skills people have been talking about for years.

This is a show for skeptics and believers alike.       

Presented by:
Nicholas Tweedy

Nicholas Tweedy is an old fringe favorite that has been traveling the world and leaving a trail of amazed faces in his wake. It's been four years since his last appearance at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and he has all kinds of new wonders to share with you. Buy tickets early for this very limited engagement!
Some reviews and quotes from previous years:
The Advertiser: by Hannah Silverman
"Prepare to be amazed with a show that doesn't need sparkles to dazzle. Laid-back mentalist Nicholas Tweedy combines illusion, magic and a little humour to perform a show so smooth the audience could not afford to avert its eyes."

5AA: Goerge Inglis
"This is the magic show for magic sceptics who secretly still get a buzz from being stumped, stunned and stimulated."

Kryztoff Raw: Reviewing Adelaide
"Combining slight of hands magic with clever, outright remarkable mentalism , and a dash of humour he thoroughly astonishes the audience into amazement again and again. A very engaging show"

Season has ended at this space


Second Floor Lounge

116 Flinders St, Adelaide, 5000


Second Floor Lounge

116 Flinders St, Adelaide, 5000

Content Warnings

Coarse Language: Mild

Sexual References: Mild

Age Suitability: PG

Depicts Violence: Mild