Becoming Bette

Theatre / Comedy
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What does it take to become the next big thing? The next iconic diva? Join this Brisvegas Bette, none other than Elizabeth Scales, as she leads you on a riotous journey with her "Empowering and insightful production" (★★★★ Kate Stark), Becoming Bette.

This hilarious & heartfelt original work is by no means an impersonation show. Join Bette as she takes you on a hilarious, semi-autobiographical journey of self discovery on her personal quest to define & refine what it takes to become the next great diva.

Becoming Bette is "Bold, strong, self-aware, kind, generous, spirited & unapologetic" (★★★★ Anywhere Fest).

It is 50 minutes of fun jam-packed with compelling storytelling, song, dance, iconic silverscreen film re-imaginings &, of course, a beautiful showgirl (because after all, "Behind every great diva is a beautiful showgirl.. Upstaged").

Becoming Bette is a show for anyone who has ever had a dream, an ambition 'to take Bette's advice. No permission required', celebrating who we are.



Basement, 15-17 Featherstone Pl, Adelaide, 5000, SA