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What can James Bond’s casino strategies teach us about maths & psychology? What matters more, skill or strategy? Who would win in a fight between Muhammad Ali & ROCKY? How can a beaten brain outwit brawn? A mathematical multimedia lecture cracking the human Game Theory codes behind the best sporting moments of our species & cinema's greatest games.

A semi-sequel companion piece to last year's GUNSLINGING GAME THEORY, which studied the psychology & mathematics behind the Mexican standoffs of Clint Eastwood's spaghetti westerns. Even if you've never heard of statistical Game Theory or Behavioural Economics, bring your human-all-too-human curiosity about our so-called 'human nature' as we ask what cards, chess, football, basketball, boxing, baseball, billiards & dice can teach us about the games we play with each other, and ourselves, every single day.

RAW Comedy State Finalist 2015

Check out for last year's GUNSLINGING GAME THEORY videos, upcoming card games & more.

Presented by:
Mark Metaphor

Mark Metaphor. The Man. The Mystery. The Metaphor.
Mark first went into his Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema Studies, English & Philosophy, intent on being a thoughtful, well-read filmmaker. He finished it however, instead thinking on how to write about film. After blogs no one read & zines no one took home, stand-up comedy became an efficient way to write creatively.
Getting to the 2015 RAW Comedy State Finals, he performed his set (hold for awed gasp) without a microphone. He didn't win (hold for sympathetic sobbing) but he did get a handful of applause breaks, eventually finding the microphone where he'd left it at the side of the stage.
Mark Metaphor (not so) normally gives 'Mad Props' to physical character comedy but his Fringe shows (last year's GUNSLINGING GAME THEORY and this year's GAMES PEOPLE PLAY) are special side projects inspired by a fascination with Game Theory & the mathematics of psychology.

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The Nook at The Producers

235 Grenfell St, Adelaide, 5000, SA


The Nook at The Producers

235 Grenfell St, Adelaide, 5000, SA

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Depicts Violence: Mild

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