Hello...It's Me

Theatre / Comedy
Scaled unnamed

A theatrical fusion of stand up, clown and burlesque; exploring a young woman’s desire to be taken seriously in an era where ‘self-branding’ is paramount.

Armed with pop culture, Kathy Richfield navigates her way through the complexities of dating, sexuality, drug and alcohol abuse and the fear of rejection. A florescent, bubble, glitter rave. 

Presented by:
Cassie Litchfield

After making her Fringe debut performance in ‘That Siege in Adelaide’, at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe, Cassie Litchfield is excited to be returning in 2017 in her first solo development. Since completing a Bachelor Creative Arts (Drama) (Honours) at the Flinders Drama Centre in 2015, Cassie has enjoyed working as a screen actor and voice over artist. A recent highlight for Cassie has been collaborating with No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability and True North Theatre Companies where use her skills as an actor and teacher have been utilized. Cassie aspires to take audiences on a fun and emotive journey, pushing the boundaries and challenging perspectives. ‘Hello, It’s Me…’ will introduce audiences to Cassie’s alter ego, Kathy Richfield.