Josh Wade - Me, Myself & Cunny

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In a world that has been infected with greed, the distortion of history and race for destruction. It's no surprise that the plague of the 21st century is our mental health. A generation of humans anxious for the future and depressed about the past - attempting to answer the single question that every civilization has tried to answer, Who Am I?

In this 90 minute audio visual spectacular, comedian Josh Wade explores his relationship with the many masks and characters developed throughout his lifetime as an attempt to fit in, and his 20 year quest to find his comedic counterpart, Cunny.

Josh’s journey of discovery embarks on the many issues facing Gen Y today, from religion and spirituality, drugs and alcohol, to domestic violence and sexual abuse. How did these experiences lead to the creation of ‘Cunny’.

No topic is left untouched and this show promises to be shocking, crude, uncomfortable, but most all, the truth.

Presented by:
Frontier Comedy


Room 4 at Tuxedo Cat at Broadcast Bar

66A Grote St, Adelaide, 5000