Justice & Trainwreck Change History

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Dwayne Justice and Jake Trainwreck are queer cowboys. The only thing greater than their love of historical reenactments is their love for each other. These clowns of sketch and storytelling unknowingly trespass on the sanctity of historical events with all the glee of a puppy with a teddybear.

Presented by:
Justin Matson

Originally from San Diego, California, Justin Matson delivers adorably awkward comedy with a twist of gay.

A graduate of the Upright Citizen Brigade’s sketch and improv program, he currently writes and performs on a house sketch team at The Pack Theater in Los Angeles and was featured on FUSION TV (The Morning Show). He co-created the daily Instagram series @EASIERMOVIES, worked as a sketch writer for WEMASH, and wrote and starred in a choose-your-adventure interactive comedy horror spoof, SCARY DEATH HOUSE, which was a finalist in the LA Scripted Comedy Festival.

Follow him on Twitter @justinmatson or at justinmatson.com.


The Cranny at The Producers

235 Grenfell St, Adelaide, 5000