Naughty Hands: Signs of Love, Lust and Insults

Interactive / Comedy
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They say actions speak louder than words, so let us welcome you into the visual world of Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Join us for an hour of laughter led by infamous Auslan teacher and Deaf community legend, Barry Priori.

Skip to everyone's favourite part of learning a new language and immerse yourself in the taboo vocabulary you won't find in the dictionary. Maybe you want to swear at your boss, tell that person in the next lane exactly what you think of their driving or ask that sexy Deaf person out on a hot date. The options are endless!

Be entertained by Barry's larger than life personality while he teaches you how to swear, dis your mates with the perfect insult, show your lust and express love using Auslan. No experience necessary, just shake out those hands and give it a go. All of Barry's signs will be interpreted into spoken English to add to your experience.


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