Real Woman

Cabaret / Burlesque
Scaled three amigos


Becky Lou is often told by audience members how refreshing and empowering it is to see a 'real woman' dance provocatively on stage. Becky Lou nods politely through three sets of false eyelashes, her weave wobbling on top of her dyed, sprayed and heat curled hair.

The storytelling striptease Queen returns to Adelaide Fringe with her second solo offering. From Dolly Doctor and first kisses to navigating beauty, fertility and life choices as a woman in her mid-30s, Becky adds her honest and evocative stories to hilarious neo-burlesque, asking 'What is a real woman?' and 'How real do you want me to be?'

"If Dita Von Teese and Zooey Deschanel had a child, that resulting human would be something like the incredibly talented Becky Lou." ★★★★★ Theatre Guide


"Becky Lou evokes Golden Age Hollywood in her costumes, music and sense of humour. She is a charming goofball with a clown-like range of facial expressions reminiscent of Lucille Ball." ★★★★★



Presented by:
Emma Knights Productions

The Woodville Town Hall and Emma Knights Productions have teamed up to bring you a family friendly week of Fringe at the Woodville Town Hall. Featuring some great local acts, markets and more this will be a great place to come and relax with your family without the stresses of getting into the city at Fringe time!


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