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In his revolutionary new solo show YouTunes, award winning multi-instrumentalist Adam Page annihilates the barrier between audience and performer by creating loops and soundscapes made entirely from sounds generated by the crowd. With safety in numbers and no musical talent required, YouTunes is a show like no other.

With microphones placed around the room, Page will manipulate live sampled sounds into epic spontaneous compositions that will beggar belief. Quoted as being a "musical wizard" (one4review, Edinburgh Fringe), Page will wave his wand over the crowd, resulting in an unbelievable tonal mashup ranging from immense beauty to downright silliness!

"It is a rare treat to see a musician with such a masterful grasp of his craft performing with such effortless charisma, humour, and inventiveness. I was blown away. There's no one doing it quite like him" Tim Minchin.

"ASTONISHING!" Billy Connolly

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Bamboozled Productions

Adam Page is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, music educator and record producer based in Adelaide, South Australia. Known widely for his critically acclaimed solo multi-instrumental looping performances, Page has carved his path internationally as a composer. He has written major works for the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (which he has also conducted), the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Wellington, Zephyr Quartet and has collaborated with John Psathas, NZ composer of the 2004 Athens Olympics ceremony music. 2016 sees Adam co-composing a solo saxophone and looping pedal suite with Slava Grigoryan, writing for and performing with the Australian String Quartet and developing an improvisational 'sign language' with the Wizard Tone Art Orchestra.

Page's awards include: Weekly award for BEST MUSIC - 2016 Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Fringe TOUR READY award - 2016 Adelaide Fringe, BEST MUSIC - 2011 Adelaide Fringe, BEST MUSIC and BEST SOLO SHOW - 2009 New Zealand Fringe

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Ukiyo at Royal Croquet Club

Pinky Flat / Tarnda Womma, War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide, 5006, SA


Ukiyo at Royal Croquet Club

Pinky Flat / Tarnda Womma, War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide, 5006, SA

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Family Friendly: YES

Age Suitability: G

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