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Bookings for Short Cuts now open!:

Media, News & Blog Bookings for Short Cuts now open!

Following the unprecedented success of Fringe Short Cuts in 2013, Adelaide Fringe has now reopened bookings for Fringe Short Cuts 2014.

In 2013, the inaugural Short Cuts program received glowing feedback from clients from businesses of all different sizes who enjoyed Shortcuts hospitality.

“Corporate hospitality in the Fringe Club as part of our Short Cuts membership was a brilliant experience. Our clients had a great evening and enjoyed the delicious food and amazing wines and beer. We’re looking forward to participating again in 2014!”

- Kirsty Mosely, Marketing Manager
Perks Accountants

Located in Adelaide’s stunning Parklands, the Fringe Club is an exclusive pass-holder-only venue for Fringe artists and VIPs. This ‘pop up venue’ set amongst the trees in Rymill Park, provides a place to meet, eat, drink and dance the night away while enjoying entertainment from Fringe artists.

Companies participating in the Short Cuts program receive a tantalising food and beverage package for at least 12 people in the Fringe Club while also being amongst the first to view the Fringe Program, allowing participants to book early and avoid missing out on those sold out Fringe shows. As an added benefit, companies involved in Fringe Short Cuts will be invited to additional events throughout the year, where they can network with other organisations involved in Short Cuts.

To discuss Short Cuts in detail please call Laura Fowler on 8100 2002, email or download the Short Cuts information pack here.

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