Media Ticketing

Info for Artists re media review comp tix

Media review comp tickets do not cost you anything to have printed (promoter comps cost you 30c each). To organise the booking of media tickets that have been discussed between you and a reviewer directly, please email our Media Ticket Coordinator, with the reviewer's name, their publication/outlet, their email, the name of your show and the date/time for the booking. Dani will organise it from there and ensure the media have all they need to attend and that their name appears on your door list.

You can check if media will be attending on media review comp tickets for your show, including who they are and what outlet they are from by pulling a Customer by Concession report by logging into

Reviewers will have either tickets to present at the door or a "Booking Details' email printed out or on their phone to gain entry. They should have their Adelaide Fringe Media Pass (very similar to your artist pass but a different colour green) or they may have an alternative media credential to show - particularly if they are from The Advertiser.

Every media ticket that is requested by the media through Dani is carefully checked before booking but if you think the reviewer hasn't booked tickets or has arrived on the wrong night you can turn them away if you choose. But be aware that if you do so it is likely that they won't be able to reschedule for another session and you may miss out on a review.

If in doubt, you can always let them in and email Dani the next day and she will chase it up.