Our 2017 Ambassadors

For the 2017 Adelaide Fringe, we have three amazing ambassadors spruiking our magical festival around the world!

Hugh Sheridan

It was growing up in the theatres of Adelaide that I found my passion for storytelling. It was in our clubs and festivals that I bore witness to great music, dancers and musicians. It was on our streets, in our schools and in our parklands that I sang at the top of my lungs, and in your back yards that I dreamt I was on stage at the Sydney Opera House or at the Hollywood bowl entertaining the world. So it's with great pleasure that I humbly return home as Adelaide Fringe Ambassador for 2017. Let's celebrate the gift of the arts. May children, like I was, come and be inspired to follow their dreams, hear the roar of the crowd and feel the excitement of the Adelaide Fringe, arguably the most raw, real and vibrant festival in the world. The Adelaide Fringe, famous for unveiling astonishing new artists, bringing international legends together and another great reason for some of us "home grown folk" to come back and show our family, friends and neighbors what you taught us how to do! Can't wait to see you all at Fringe for a laugh, a tear and a LOT OF FUN! 

Adrienne Truscott

G'Day! Here's an important and serious announcement from your very excited Fringe Ambassador!

My advice?

Treat yourself to many evenings in the stunning outdoor hubs - filled with cheer, cocktails and great food as always. Spend at least one night seeing a show in a magical tent! Wander around Adelaide - there are new gems/venues/shows to discover as maverick artists and producers create new venues for new and experimenting artists to survive, thrive and dazzle. Today's quirky weirdo-freak is next year's don't-miss award-winner! And always have swimmers and danceable shoes on ya, obvs.

James Cochran AKA Jimmy C

The month of Februray is one of my favourite times in Adelaide. Some of my first exhibitions were in the Adelaide Fringe and it's a great opportunity for artists to be involved. It's an honour to be asked to take this role in my home city.