Past Winners


In 2016, nine independent Australian artists shared in $40,000 of grants to present work at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe:

Emily Steel – 19 Weeks

Everyone knows someone who has had an abortion or lost a pregnancy, even if they don’t talk about it. In 2016, playwright Emily Steel had a termination after her baby was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. This is her story, told honestly and publicly, because there are so many more stories out there. 

Come sit by the pool, put your feet in the water and listen. Directed by Daisy Brown and performed by Tiffany Lyndall Knight, 19 weeks aims to create a space where we can be more open with each other and feel less alone in our experiences.

Outcomes Include:

  • Received the BankSA Fringe Award for Best Theatre.
  • Received a John Chataway Innovation Award as part of the Fringe Weekly Awards (Week Two).
  • Received a $3800 grant from the State Government’s Made in Adelaide initiative to attend this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.
  • Received a 4.5-star review from The Advertiser and The Guardian listed it amongst its six ‘must see’ shows at the 2017 Adelaide Fringe.
  • Presentations to occur at: Assembly Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2018; with strong interest from the Blue Room Theatre in Perth, Melbourne Fringe, Sydney Festival, Country Arts SA, and Soho Playhouse in NYC.

In the Press:
Marie Claire
Adelaide Now
City Mag
The Wire
The Guardian

Rebecca Mayo – Stories In The Dark

Stories in the Dark is an opportunity for adults to re-experience having stories told to them in the dark. Part radio play, part theatrical storytelling, this intimate theatrical work brings together director Tim Overton (recently seen as a performer in 39 Steps, The Popular Mechanicals, Summer of the Seventeenth Doll), composer/musician Rachel Bruerville and actors Elizabeth Hay and Rebecca Mayo. 

In the Press:
Stage Whispers

Anya Anastasia – Rogue Romantic

Rogue Romantic is the brand new show from Adelaide cabaret artist Anya Anastasia (Torte e Mort: Songs of Cake and Death). The show explores two sides of one woman: the Diva and the Writer and their contradicting attitudes to love. It will feature mad serenades from the Diva alongside moments of poignant confessional from the Writer – who is not as instantly likeable but who is infinitely more relatable. Directed by Clare Bartholomew (Die Roten Punkte), alongside percussionist/co-performer Bec Matthews (Tears Before Bedtime) Rogue Romantic will incorporate elements of clowning, physical theatre and circus, as well as sharp and funny lyrics in order to create an atmosphere akin to a hosted mad and wonderful speakeasy.

Outcomes Include:

  • Recipient of the Arts SA Made in Adelaide Award.

  • 29 Honey Pot delegates – including representatives from the Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Fringe, UK live entertainment company Underbelly and Edinburgh Festival Fringe venue Gilded Balloon – viewed the work.

  • Received a 4.5-star review from The Advertiser.

  • With future presentations at: Underbelly Festival London, Assembly Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

  • Anya is also now represented via online touring database arTour QLD, 2017.

Dan Daw – On One Condition

On One Condition is a dance/theatre piece that invites audiences into former South Australian artist Dan Daw’s childhood home as he shares anecdotes of growing up in rural Australia, coming of age and relocating overseas to finally gain a sense of self and belonging. Having formerly worked with Restless Dance Theatre, Australian Dance Theatre and Force Majeure (among many others), Dan Daw’s On one condition is a 65-minute monologue, interspersed with movement. Embedding disability and queerness within this, the show will take audiences on an intimate, whirlwind journey through home, belonging, comfort, need and struggle. 

Outcomes Include:

  • Received a Fringe Weekly Award (Week One) for Best Theatre.

  • Received a $3000 grant from the State Government’s Made in Adelaide initiative to attend the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe.

  • Nine Honey Pot delegates – including one from the South Australian Film Corporation, one from SoHo Playhouse in New York and another from UK-based The Sick of the Fringe – viewed the work.

  • Received a 4.5-star review from The Advertiser.

  • Presented at SoHo Playhouse New York City, 2017.

Adriano Cappelletta – This Boy’s In Love

This Boy’s in Love is a one-man gay rom-com cabaret comedy about the hopes and fears of falling in love. Performed by NIDA and Gaulier-trained Adriano Cappelletta (who brought the wonderful Cubby House to Adelaide Fringe in 2010), the work tackles the rarely explored perspective of a gay man in love. With musical direction and live piano by Nicholas Tipping (whose band Iris has toured with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds), choreography by Julia Cotton (Australian Dance Theatre, Company B Belvoir, Sydney Theatre Company) and direction by Johann Walraven (Sydney Theatre Company, Darlinghurst Theatre) – This Boy’s in Love is storytelling at its most intimate, blending mime, stand up, dance, clowning, improvisation, physical comedy, drama and comedy confessional with dashes of the absurd. 

Outcomes Include:

  • Recipient of the Weekly Award for Best Cabaret Commendation (Week 2).

  • Nine Honey Pot delegates – including one from New York’s SoHo Theatre, one from London’s Soho Theatre and another from leading independent theatre production company Critical Stages – viewed the work.

  • Presentations include: Assembly (Assembly Roxy), Edinburgh Festival Fringe; Provocare: Festival of the Arts, Chapel Street Melbourne.

Melita Rowston – Shit Tourism presents The Giant Worm Show!

Melita Rowston’s Shit Tourism celebrates Australiana, crap tourist attractions and the true stories that define us as a nation. From the NIDA-trained artist who brought you 6 degrees of Ned Kelly Melita explores the known and not-so-well-known myths, legends and destinations of this big brown country of ours. Shit Tourism is part TED talk, comic monologue and 70s variety show – mangy puppets included!

Aaron Bradbrook – The Working Class

The Working Class is a photographic exhibition by award-winning documentary photographer Aaron Bradbrook. Featuring 15 large format photos installed outdoors and dispersed throughout the entirety of the Royal Croquet Club, the series focusses on the moment the artist exits the stage after performing. Sweaty and dirty, the artist emerges seeping with exhaustion and emotion. The Working Class emphasises the extreme, yet often euphoric realities of what it means to be an artist working at the Adelaide Fringe. Controversially entitled The Working Class, the exhibition examines the role of the artist as entrepreneur and key facilitator of a small to medium sized business, often as sole trader, working within the greater economy. 

In the Press:
The Adelaide Review
The Loop

Adam Seymour and Rural Ranga – Pussy Play Masterclass

From the creators of Wank Bank and starring cult cabaret legend Yana Alana, Pussy Play Masterclass brings you an informative, interactive and playful masterclass of original techniques to perfect the art of playing with your partner’s pussy or even your own. Did someone say date night?

Outcomes Include:

  • Further presentations at: Metro Arts Brisbane 2017; Bondi Feast 2017; Gilded Baloon (Edinburgh Festival Fringe) 2017.

Elements Collective – M.I.N.D.E.D

M.I.N.D.E.D is a cutting edge hip-hop dance theatre piece presented by Elements Collective: one of very few companies in Australia collaborating contemporary settings with professional b-boys/b-girls (breakdancers) and hip hop dancers.

Using their expertise in world class break-dancing and contemporary theatrics, this show will push the boundaries of hip-hop theatre with pristine acrobatics, visual choreography and intense body awareness.

Made up of an entirely QLD base cast of creators, M.I.N.D.E.D features multi-national champion b-girl Leah Tilney, musician Ben Ely of Regurgitator – who will compose a completely original soundtrack, and dramaturg Emma Serjeant of ESP (EmmaSerjeantPerformance).

Outcomes Include:

  • The 2017 Adelaide Fringe was M.I.N.D.E.D's Australian premiere after finishing a successful creative development funded by the Australia Council for the Arts.

  • Received a BankSA Fringe Award for Best Dance.

  • Received a Fringe Weekly Award (Week Three) for Best Dance.

  • 35 Honey Pot delegates – including one from New York’s SoHo Theatre, one from Shanghai’s Xindiani Festival and another from Edinburgh Festival Fringe venue Gilded Balloon – viewed the work.

  • Possible future presentations include Shanghai’s Xindiani Festival, Commonwealth Games Festival 2018, and Capital Venues and Events, Bendigo – which are all at in-discussion stage



In 2015, eight grants of $5,000 were awarded to Australian companies to present work at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe:

Felicity Arts - Otanical

Otanical is one of the first 360-degree Virtual Reality moving image works ever created.

Otanical invites the audience to enter a world of imagination, possibility and mystery - looking between what is there and what is not. In a 360-degree virtual reality performance, characters come to life through dance, theatre, and you – the audience. And so, the dream begins…...See beyond...Believe...

Outcomes Include:

  • SALA 2016 - presented at Barber Shop Rotunda, Botanical Gardens.
  • Selected as a finalist in the Unitcare Services Moving Images Award.

Bunk Puppets - Tink Tank

On a dusty outback farm, the fates of a rooster, a cow, a blowfly and a baby collide. Welcome to Tink Tank, a new adventure from award-winning visual theatre maestros Bunk Puppets. Using bits of rubbish and household junk, Hamish Fletcher and Jules Chapple create a shadow puppet universe on a farm. A new all-ages show from Jeff Achtem, the award-winning creator of Sticks Stones Broken Bones, Swamp Juice and Slapdash Galaxy.

Outcomes Include:

  • Presentations at Underbelly (Edinburgh Festival Fringe) and Awesome Arts Festival (WA).

In the Press:
Fringe Review (UK)

Leah Shelton - PULPSHOW (which later became Terror Australis)

… a grindhouse cabaret that hacks Australia to pieces.

Brisbane’s own psycho-siren Leah Shelton returns with her award-winning show, Terror Australis.

This f**ked-up outback contiki tour is a frothing hot mess of black comedy, anti-burlesque and hills-hoist pole dance. Trapped inside a sweltering pulp film mash-up, Shelton trawls through the roadkill of the Australian national identity to reveal a litany of brutality and paranoia, drenched in sweat and beer.

Welcome to a sunburnt country where cars rule, hitchhiking kills and dingoes eat babies.

Outcomes Include:

  • Received the John Chataway Innovation Award as part of Adelaide Fringe 2016.

  • Received a Matilda Award for best Set Design.

  • Nominee, Matilda Awards for Best Costume Design, Best Cabaret, Best AV design.

  • Nominee, Green Room Awards, Best contemporary and experimental performer.

  • Nominee, Performance Award, Melbourne Fringe 2016.

  • Presentations at: Brighton Fringe; Darwin Festival; Brisbane Powerhouse; Centre of Contemporary Arts, Cairns; Melbourne Fringe; Provocare: Festival of the Arts, Chapel Street Melbourne.

In the Press:
The Creative Issue
Brisbane Powerhouse
Centre of Contemporary Arts, Cairns
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South Australian Youth Theatre Company - Beautiful Words

Beautiful Words is Sean Riley’s award-winning trilogy of interconnected, refugee-inspired plays for young people. As part of this presentation they also presented an exhibition of works by young new arrivals to Australia curated by Afghani refugee, poet and artist Elyas Alavi.

In the Press:
InDaily - The Last Time I Saw Richard

A man. A woman. A hotel room. What the fu** do you think is going to happen? Richard and April are drawn to each other by desire and the freedom to exist without the baggage of their day-to-day lives. An exquisite new work by Cat Commander produced by

Outcomes Include:

  • Nominated by the Adelaide Theatre Guide for Best Show - Comedy.

In the Press:
Stage Whispers
The AU Review
This Is Radelaide


littlerundlestreetartproject is a committed group of artists from many disciplines, striving to create an arts corridor linking the eastern suburbs with the east end Fringe hubs. 

Sacred Resonance - Agartha

The Agartha installation is inspired by the ancient legends and mythologies of different mystical traditions throughout the ages. ‘Agartha’ is a term for legendary civilisations said to be located within the earth’s subterranean worlds. Many indigenous cultures also view caves and grottos as entrances to the underworld places of mystical experience.

Stephanie Daughtry and Hannah Rohrlach - Post-Dining Experiments

Disrupting the way we interact with food, dining and each other, Post Dining caters not only to your tastes, but to your desires, your intellect and your innate sense of curiosity.

Passionate about sustainable, native and unexpected flavour, we invite you to take a seat and engage your senses with the diverse possibilities of the eating experience.

Outcomes Include:

  • Post-Dining Experiments was subseqently remounted for the 2017 Adelaide Fringe.

In the Press:
City Mag
Community Dietitian



In 2014, two grants of $10,000 were awarded to Australian companies to present their work in the 2015 Adelaide Fringe:

isthisyours? - The Awkward Years

TAY Teaser from Louisa Mignone on Vimeo.

Cheezels. Sweaty palms. Loud music. The Awkward Years is a 20-minute party leading you back through your pubescent years on an emotional roller coaster of embarrassing fondling and clumsy memories. Isthisyours? Grab your hand, pull you under the table and spin the bottle. 


“Adelaide theatre company isthisyours? Knows what it’s doing. You’ll chuckle, you’ll get nostalgic – and you’ll leave feeling grateful you’re not going to school on Monday.”
The Advertiser ****

Outcomes Include:

  • Recipient of the Adelaide Festival Centre's inSPACE Development Award.
  • A further presentation at Melbourne Fringe 2016.

In the Press:
Sydney Morning Herald

​Black Honey Company and Briefs Factory - Hot Brown Honey

Packing a sweet punch of Hip Hop politics, Hot Brown Honey smashes stereotypes and serves up an audacious platter of dance, poetry, comedy, circus, striptease and song. Join this carefully selected assortment of brown, black and mixed beauties in an explosion of colour, culture and controversy as they remix burlesque. Fighting the Power never tasted so sweet.

"It was one of those shows you see where its not just THEATRE or CABARET, it’s the beginning of a massive movement, or it’s a subversion of knowledge that you hold dear, or a mighty sucker punch to the things you thought theatre was capable of..." Bryony Kimmings (UK)

Outcomes include:

  • Hot Brown Honey achieved a sell-out season at the Adelaide Fringe in February 2015.

  • The work received a Fresh Ground residency at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts (QLD) to further the creative development, dramaturgy, choreography, costume and set design.

  • Presentations subsequently occurred at Tiger Dublin Fringe; Assembly, Edinburgh Festival Fringe – 2016 and 2017; Red Hot Arts NT; Melbourne International Comedy Festival; Brisbane Festival; Sydney Opera House; and Darebin Arts Victoria.

  • Nominated for a 2017 Helpmann Award for Best Cabaret.

In the Press:
ABC 7.30
Sydney Morning Herald