Registration Details

What You Need To Know

As a Fringe-registered artist, this is your chance to do a live promotion for your event and encourage audiences to buy tickets to your event or attend your exhibition.

  • Your showcase performance can be either five or ten minutes in duration, longer only if pre-arranged with our Program Coordinator – Tom Noble.
  • You are advised to bring flyers and promotional material. Volunteers will be on hand to distribute flyers during, immediately before and after your presentation.
  • There will be no space to store large props onsite.
  • Please arrive early, ready in full costume and make-up.
  • You will have a maximum of 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to strike your event, including sound check.
  • Your technical requirements must be very basic.

Technical Specifications

Located outdoors, the stage is sheltered under the Gawler Place Canopy and protrudes from a Fringe themed truss structure. The stage is 300mm raised, 4800mm wide, 4800m deep (1.2m of which is set back into the Showcase Stage façade: 3600mm wide: see image below) and your performance can flow out onto the pavement if required/appropriate.

There is a small shared backstage area available to prepare for your performance with our stage manager.

A small private changeroom may be available backstage but cannot be guaranteed, we ask that you arrive in full costume & make-up when possible.

The stage is located just 100m away from the Regent Arcade FringeTIX box office where audiences can easily buy tickets after being wowed by your showcase.

Fringe Production will provide a stage manager, sound technician and the following:

Basic P.A. system including:
- 2 x Front of house speakers
- 1 x monitor wedge
- 8 channel mixing desk
- NDX-400 MP3/CD player
- Ability to input aux/iPod
Microphones and D.I.
- 2 x wireless handheld microphones
- 2 x SM58 vocal microphones
- 2 x wireless headset microphones
- 2 x D.I.
- Keyboard (88 keys, weighted, with sustain pedal).
Natural Outdoor Lighting Only


The Fine Print

Appropriate Content
The content of a showcase performance must be suitable for the public arena. While we encourage diversity and do not want to compromise the integrity of your work, the stage will be accessible to all sections of the community, including children. Any content that may offend or be inappropriate cannot be included in your showcase performance. This includes, but is not limited to, swearing, nudity and explicit sexual references.

Know Your Audience
The Rundle Mall audience are mostly mall pedestrians - i.e. not necessarily seated and waiting for a show to start. It is important to consider these types of audiences and how to attract, capture and convert them from passers-by to interested ticket buyers. We have hosts, seating, shade and a great ambience to attract the crowds, but it’s up to you as the performer on the stage to capture the public’s attention for your own benefit.

Shape Your Segment – Sharp! Slick! Successful!
Prepare your promo piece to suit the walk-past audience, think about adapting your piece, perfecting your lure and catch techniques, make your point, make it crisp, you only have a few minutes to wow your crowd so practice and prepare. We’ll be in touch after registrations with some great pro-tips on how to pull your audience in.

For events that do not have a suitable live performance content (i.e. visual artists and live performances that don't translate to a street-theatre style space), consider alternative mediums to promote your event; for example, an artist interview, a demonstration, a 2-for-1 ticket giveaway game, etc.
Our fabulous hosts and your Program Coordinator will be able to help you prepare your presentation in advance.

Public Liability Insurance
Showcase events with physical audience interaction, or containing dangerous acts such as fire breathing, weapons, etc. will be required to fully disclose the nature of their event and provide proof of public liability insurance.

Please note:
Fringe in Rundle Mall is a free-to-register opportunity for unpaid promotional Fringe performances only. No external busking or spruiking for payment of any kind is allowed.

If you want to discuss any of this please contact your Program Coordinator Tom Noble at 08 8100 2031 or

Where to now?

Now you have all the info, we need yours! Click through to this form and fill in all the details. Please fill it in as accurately as possible. Changes are permitted but with over 1000 artists, we’d rather keep it simple. If you need to adjust info, please refill the form in full AND email details of the adjustment to the email below.

Have any questions, or unsure how to best present your event on the Unfold Fringe in Rundle Mall stage? Contact Program Coordinator, Tom Noble by email at