We're so excited to announce that Adelaide Fringe is bringing back YEP! – the school’s program for connecting young people with the Fringe.

YEP! aims to build the next generation of arts enthusiasts and practitioners – it’s the pathway to a creative and imaginative Fringe experience for all young people, from pre-school to 18 years, engaging them in different art forms through events, performances, exhibitions, workshops and backstage tours.

The YEP! Guide

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Download the guide (PDF)

How to Book

The YEP! team are back on board to support teachers, educators, youth workers and organisations to book Fringe shows and performances.

Principals, Teachers and Curriculum Coordinators are encouraged to start planning their schools’ Fringe experience for February / March now.

Find out more

You can sign-up to the YEP! mailing list online to receive news and updates about the program.

For more information on YEP! call the YEP! Coordinator, Serena Wong, on 8100 2004 or email  

Please note: events listed in the YEP! Guide are self-rated by the artists. Adelaide Fringe Inc. is not liable for any incorrect rating.