Australian Premiere

Flapjack Cadillac - Big Ol' Pile Of Trash

Comedy / Sketch Comedy
Scaled trash pic
Born out of Montreal's vibrant sketch comedy scene, two JUST FOR LAUGHS Award winning idiots; Al Lafrance (I Think I'm Dead) and Shane Adamczak (The Ballad Of Frank Allen, Sound & Fury) join forces to bring you a Big Ol' Pile Of Trash. This may be the dumbest sketch show you'll ever see.

Presented by:
Shane Adamczak

Montreal's most delicious sketch comedy troupe. Contains 1 Raging Australian (Shane Adamczak) and 1 Grumpy Canadian (Al Lafrance).

Plays well with others. Fears hunger. Loves Phil Collins.

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Tuxedo Cat at Broadcast Bar

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Gate 1 at Tuxedo Cat at Broadcast Bar

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Gate 1 at Tuxedo Cat at Broadcast Bar

66A Grote St, Adelaide, 5000

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50 min

Content Warnings

Coarse Language: Mild

Sexual References: Mild

Age Suitability: PG