Kevin Borich - Gonna See My Baby Tonight - Funkin'Rockin'Blues

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Kevin Borich's music career spans 45 years & includes founding New Zealand's hit band the La De Da's, The Kevin Borich Express & Australia's The Party Boys. Borich is a quintessential stalwart in the Australian and New Zealand music scene.

Having survived cancer, living through ongoing treatment & trying not to get caught up with the state of the worlds news fronts,'KB', as he is known to friends and fans, continues to tour Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia & South Pacific Islands & continually performs, sings his songs & carves out guitar licks like there is no tomorrow. In his own words "I hope all is well in your world - it surely isn’t in the rest of it. That’s kinda like why we must have the best time we can in our now."

The Kevin Borich Express delivers his music through his firebrand guitar, in a powerhouse trio, to Adelaide Fringe, direct from touring the the territories mentioned above, for one show only.

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Penning hits such as 'Gonna See My Baby Tonight' and 'No Turning Back' Kevin Borich is a founding member of New Zealand's hit band the La De Da's, The Kevin Borich Express & Australia's The Party Boys, he has recorded on & released over 20 albums with major labels & independently under his own publishing & has performed countless thousands of live shows.

Borich continually writes, records and releases new music keeping his live performance firebrand with rock music historian, Ian McFarlane describing Borich as "One of the most celebrated guitar players in the history of Australian rock. He also remains an underrated songwriter, & his live reputation has rarely been reflected his media attention."

Having toured, performed with or supported names like Santana, AC/DC, Taj Mahal, Living Colour, Joe Walsh & Elton John, 'KB', as as he is known to friends & fans, holds his own to this day and delivers live performance with the same intensity as he did with Carlos Santana in the 70's.


Showroom One at The GC at The German Club

223 Flinders Street, Adelaide, 5000, SA