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If you are and adult who has always wanted to sing, used to sing, loves to sing already or wants to sing even more then our Vocal Workshops are a great place to start.

Designed for even the most basic of beginners, these exclusive fringe-only workshops will give you a snapshot of our singing lessons and some basic vocal techniques to get you started.

If you have been thinking about singing lessons, then this is the perfect opportunity to give them a go. No strings attached!

Suitable for adults of all ages. Check out our website www.voicehouse.com.au for more information about us or give us a call on 08 7226 8395.

We look forward to meeting you!

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Dylan Bell and Suba Sankaran first met in Toronto in 1993, singing in a jazz choir at York University called “Wibijazz’n'”: soon after, they started directing the choir together. At their year-end concert, Dylan and Suba performed an a cappella “director’s duet,” and FreePlay was born.

FreePlay's uniquely diverse concert program has taken them across Canada and around the world, with stops in Europe, Scandinavia, Africa, South Asia and the Far East… and now, Australia! Their new album is scheduled for release in January 2018. Dylan and Suba are leaders in the a cappella community and are the directors of the SING! Toronto Vocal Arts Festival.

Partners offstage as well as onstage, Dylan and Suba delight in exploring music together, and in bringing this joy to audiences worldwide.


Studio 1 at Voicehouse Adelaide

172 Gilles St, Level 1, Adelaide, 5000